What to Expect on a First Visit to the Chiropractor


If you’re looking for an alternative way to relieve a variety of medical conditions such as chronic pain, constipation, or muscle stiffness, visiting a chiropractor might be the answer to your problems. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to relieve a variety of medical problems and symptoms.

The first visit to the chiropractor can be difficult as many men are unsure of what to expect. Will the chiropractor just walk in and start moving the spine around? Will the back hurt after a procedure? These are just some of the many questions people have in regards to visiting the chiropractor for the first time. Here’s a look at what to expect on your first visit to the chiropractor.

Fill Out an Entire Medical History Paper

First Visit to the Chiropractor

Chiropractors, just like regular doctors, want to make sure that you are a good candidate for chiropractic procedures. Filling out paperwork that takes a chiropractor through your medical history will allow a chiropractor to see how healthy you are, what medical conditions you suffer from, and how a chiropractic procedure might benefit you. Once this information is received a chiropractor can determine what, if any, chiropractic procedures you may need to see relief from your pain or medical conditions.

Have Various X-Rays Taken

Most chiropractors will require that a new patient go through a series of x-rays and other medical imaging. These images allow a chiropractor to see exactly how the spine is aligned, and understand if there are any underlying medical conditions that might be causing the pain or medical condition.

Medical imaging also allows a chiropractor to see if they are working on the right part of the body. For example, sometimes the shoulder area might be in pain but it is not because of an injury to the shoulder, but instead is because a disc has slipped in the neck. A chiropractor can use x-rays to see that it was the neck and not the shoulder that is causing the problems.

Create a Plan of Action for Treatment

On your first visit to the chiropractor, both you and the chiropractor will sit down to create a plan of action for your treatment. This plan of action will include what procedures you will have done, how often you will visit the chiropractor, and how long the treatment needs to be done. Creating this plan with you will allow you to see how you will be treated, how long you can expect to wait to see results, and it can help you understand exactly what is being done for your medical condition or pain.

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