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T-Gen Overview


The company Chamonix manufactures the product T-Gen, a natural supplement that is said to support male hormone levels which can decrease with age. In addition to this, T-Gen alleges to also help support a healthy prostate, another aspect of male health that can become problematic with age. T-Gen is sold on the official Chamonix website and while certain aspects of the site are informative, it is lacking in many areas. There are no customer reviews shown, and the buyer protection safeguards appears to be tied into an autoship program. Also with very little information is provided about the manufacturer or their reputation.

T-Gen is sold in bottles of 60-capsules for a cost of $49.95 which makes it one of the more expensive brands of this type. Even though there does not appear to be a formal buyer protection safeguards related to single unit purchases, some retailers that also sell the brand online do provide their own returns policies.

T-Gen Product Details

The full product label for T-Gen is shown on the website. Key in the blend is an ingredient called Testofen which is a natural extract of Fenugreek. The other major components in the formula are plant based Systerols. Rounding out the formula are Pine Bark, Zinc and Selenium.

Advantages of T-Gen

  • The ingredient list is provided.
  • Ingredients are well explained.
  • T-Gen is available in online.
  • The product contains clinically tested ingredients.

Disadvantages of T-Gen

  • T-Gen is more expensive than some male performance products.
  • The buyer protection safeguards is not clearly provided as it relates to single unit purchases and those tied into their autoship program
  • There is so general timeline provided as to how long one should experience/see results
  • No customer user experience stories are shown on the website.
  • Chamonix contact details are limited.

T-Gen The Bottom Line

T-Gen certainly addresses two important aspects of male health and it is appreciated that, unlike some products of this type that are sold via the internet, the makers of T-Gen can provide some proof that the ingredients in the formula are clinical studied. This partly makes up for the fact that no user experience stories or independent reviews are available. Ultimately, the consumer would need to take a chance purchasing the brand and see if it has any effect on their health over time.

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