Supplements for Men for Better Vision


As people age, the chances of vision impairment become more of a risk. Certain nutrients in the body and sufficient antioxidants can help to decrease the risk of vision impairment in older men. A major vision problem in the elderly is macular degeneration, which is a condition that affects the retina at the back portion of the eye. Its function is focusing properly. Sunlight is the leading cause of the degeneration so that over long periods the macula deteriorates. Two of the antioxidants that can aid in preventing the breakdown of the macula are Zeaxanthin and Lutein. These are carotenoids found around the macula that protect it.

Supplements for Men for Better VisionVitamin A is another supplement which can help to decrease the risk of serious vision problems. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant, but not as well known as some of the other Vitamins. Another supplement that’s been found to be helpful with age-related vision problems is Ginkgo Biloba. Bilberry has antioxidant properties that aid in vision problems and can also be helpful in reducing the risk of hemorrhaging within the retina and is useful in strengthening capillaries in the eye.

Men over 60 years old run a higher risk of developing cataracts. This is especially the case with anyone who is a smoker, has diabetes, or is exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time. Drug use, hypertension, and even the color of the iris can all be factors in the development of cataracts. Surgery is an option but does carry some risks. One of the Vitamins that are helpful in reducing the risk of developing cataracts is Vitamin C. The two most powerful antioxidants in the lens of the eye are glutathione and Vitamin C. Vitamin C activates the other two antioxidants.

Another combination of supplements that you may want to consider in order to improve* your vision is flaxseed capsules along with Co-Q10. Flaxseed oil has been useful as a treatment to reverse inflammation in the eyes of children. Although research has not established that the combination of these two supplements has been helpful in reversing vision problems in adults, some people with eye conditions have stated that after using the combination for several months, there was noticeable improvement with their vision. One vision problem that was reversed after using Co-Q10 and flaxseed oil capsules on a daily basis for several months was astigmatism. Supplements high in antioxidants along with a healthy diet can decrease the risk of serious vision problems as you age.

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