Three Exercises to Help Develop Those Six-Pack Abs


Ask any man what their ultimate workout goal is and chances are they will tell you that it is to achieve the chiseled six-pack abdominal look. There is just something about the chiseled, layered look of the abs that causes men to feel as if they have hit their peak.

If you are trying to work to get that all important six-pack abdominal look, here are some easy exercises you can do to help you get the look you want. Each exercise is designed to target the body’s core and work to strengthen and tone the mid-section.

The Bicycle

Develop Those Six-Pack AbsPersonal trainers have dubbed the bicycle exercise as the most effective abdominal exercise you could do. This exercise not only targets the mid-section, but it works to tone down the waist and build up muscles while burning fat.

The bicycle exercise is performed while lying on your back. You will lift both legs in the air, and extend one leg out while the other is bent towards your chest. Rotate the shoulders of the body to touch the knee and rotate the legs. This will make it look almost as if you are bicycling in the air while moving your body side to side.

The Exercise Ball Crunch

Crunches are great to build a six-pack, but doing exercise ball crunches will really help you to build that chiseled look you want. The exercise ball crunch is more effective than a regular crunch because it uses the legs and allows the body to get a full workout.

The exercise ball crunch requires you to sit on the edge of the exercise ball and lean back. Place your arms above your head and slowly move the body upwards. This is very similar to the regular crunch only you are leaning on the exercise ball, instead of sitting on the floor.

The Vertical Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch is an intense abdominal workout that helps build the side oblique muscles, while chiseling the mid-section. The vertical leg crunch is performed while you lie on your back on the floor. Lift your legs into the air, and place both arms behind your head. You will then crunch the body upwards as if you are trying to touch your toes. To add intensity to the workout you can add a slight rotation at the top, or remove the arms from your head and add a small reach for the toes.

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