Rigiderm Review - How Effective Is Rigiderm?

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Rigiderm Overview


The Rigiderm product is a male enhancement cream that is said to ‘instantly’ produce a hard erection. The product is made by a company called Palmetto Health Labs, but the information about the brand is extremely limited. There is no website online for the company and the only independent information that is available is not very positive. It seems that the company does not have a very good reputation and there are several consumer complaints against them.

The cost of Rigiderm is not known and there are no facts regarding a buyer protection safeguards, no customer user experience stories and no FAQ section.

Rigiderm Product Details

The contents of the Rigiderm formula are unknown. Rigiderm contains some Prosexual Nutrients that are amino acids. The cream may also use a combination of energizing substances such as Ginseng, Maca and Ginger. Most products of this type use natural ingredients, although this doesn’t automatically mean that the user will not have an allergic reaction or experience harmful side effects. The complete ingredient facts and other information about the product are not mentioned on the official website.

Advantages of Rigiderm

  • Rigiderm is fast acting.
  • No oral treatment is required.
  • The manufacturer is known.
  • It does not require daily use.

Disadvantages of Rigiderm

  • Rigiderm’s formula is not provided.
  • The cost is unknown.
  • There is no information regarding a protection plan.
  • There are complaints filed against the manufacturer.
  • No customer user experience stories are shown.

Rigiderm The Bottom Line

Rigiderm is certainly not a product that can be recommended, largely because there is so little known about it or the manufacturer. Some men do prefer topical creams such as this, especially if they cannot take oral capsules. Without knowing more about the formula and any possible side effects etc. consumers would be advised to opt for another brand.

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