Weird Foods that Reduce Blood Pressure


Heart diseases such as heart attacks and strokes are the leading cause of death amongst men in the United States. While heart attacks and strokes might be caused naturally, having high blood pressure can increase your risk for these heart diseases. Lowering your blood pressure can help reduce your chances of encountering a heart attack or stroke.

Reducing high blood pressure might sound complicated but it can be as simple as adding a few new items to your daily menu. The following is a look at some fruits, vegetables and other food items that are considered “super foods” because they can reduce your blood pressure.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Weird Foods that Reduce Blood PressureDark chocolate contains an ingredient known as flavanols. Flavanols are responsible for helping increase the blood vessel’s flexibility. Flexible blood vessels around the heart can decrease your risk for heart attacks or strokes.

To decrease your blood pressure ,try consuming at least a few squares or pieces of chocolate a day. The best chocolate to use for reducing high blood pressure is chocolate that has been minimally processed, or those that contain low amounts of cocoa powder. Health experts recommend dark chocolate because it contains more flavanols, but any chocolate will do.

Eat More Sardines and Cold-Water Fish

Sardines and other cold-water fish can help improve* heart health, and decrease high blood pressure. This is because sardines and other cold-water fishes have a high amount of an acid known as omega-3 fatty acid. This acid is responsible for improving heart health by helping to reduce the amount of bad plague that builds up in the arteries. Plague build-ups can lead to increased blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

Add Garlic to Meals

Adding a dash of garlic to meals can help reduce blood pressure. Garlic works in the same way that heart attack remedies work. Garlic use can reduce the presence of an enzyme called angiotensin. Angiotensin is responsible for causing blood vessels and arteries to restrict and close off which can cause heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. In addition to reducing the amount of angiotensin in the body, garlic can also eliminate bad plague build-up in the arteries.

Garlic can be consumed in two ways. Men can add garlic to their meals to supplement the taste of the food, or there are supplements that contain garlic extract in them. Both ways can work to help reduce blood pressure, and improve* heart health in men.

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