Pro-V4 Review - How Effective Is Pro-V4?

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Pro-V4 Overview

As a male performance supplement, Pro-V4 falls into the category designed to only be taken prior to sexual activity rather than on a daily basis. The website for the product is not at all detailed and consumers should note that it does contain some adult images. The manufacturer of the product states that the length and girth of the penis can be increased when erect, although it is unlikely that the results are lasting. The site does contain a number of customer user experience stories and offers a lifetime protection plan for the brand. Unfortunately, no company contact details are provided apart form a phone number and although it is said that the formula has undergone extensive testing and development, there is no evidence of this provided.

When sold on the official website, Pro-V4 costs $34.00 per bottle but no free samples or trial periods are mentioned.

Pro-V4 Product Details

Information regarding the Pro-V4 formula is very limited. Nothing is shown on the brand website although some retail sites that sell the product do mention certain natural Chinese-based substances including Evergreen Bark and Ginseng.

It is assumed that the formula is all natural. The information related to the dosage can also be viewed through the product website. There is no ingredient information available. There are customer user experience stories that describe the benefits and more detail ingredient information with their clinical effects is provided by the official site of the product.

Advantages of Pro-V4

  • The website contains customer user experience stories.
  • There is a lifetime protection plan.
  • Pro-V4 is available in online retail stores.
  • The product is said to have been clinically developed.
  • Pro-V4 is fast acting./li>

Disadvantages of Pro-V4

  • The full ingredient list is not shown.
  • The website contains sexually graphic content.
  • The clinical testing data is not provided.
  • The manufacturer is not known.

Pro-V4 The Bottom Line

There is no incentive for the consumer to purchase Pro-V4 and in fact might be deterred by the unprofessional website and lack of manufacturer information. Any product that alleges to actually increase the size of the penis is suspect as while it may be temporarily larger while erect, it will not ‘grow’. With so many similar brands of sexual performance support available now, consumers would be advised to search for a more reputable brand.

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