Ogoplex Review - How Effective Is Ogoplex?

By Joshua Jerry
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Joshua Jerry

Ogoplex Overview

The company Vianda produces the male performance brand Ogoplex. This product is marketed on the Vianda website and is described as being favoured by ‘fine’ men and gentlemen. There is some useful information provided on this official website, but other details can also be found on retail sites that carry the product. Ogoplex, while helping enhance and promote sexual performance, one of the main functions of Ogoplex is to support prostate health. Problems with the prostate can particularly affect older men, and this can also be linked with diminished sexual activity. It is warned that Ogoplez should not be used in conjunction with certain remedies, but is safe to take with some other male performance brands.

The cost of Ogoplex is $49.95 for a pack of 30 capsules, but discounted prices can also be found on independent retail sites.

Ogoplex Product Details


Ogoplex consists of Zinc and a proprietary blend of natural herbal substances. These include Swedish Flower Pollen, Lycopene and Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto in particular is known to benefit the prostate, although it is not known if the amount included here is enough to have a significant effect. Ogoplex is likely to build in intensity over time as it is taken as a daily supplement, rather than only prior to sexual activity. Unfortunately Ogoplex does not contain beneficial Prosexual Nutrients and there is very little detail provided about each individual listed ingredient.

Advantages of Ogoplex

  • The product label is shown
  • Ogoplex has a 60-day buyer protection safeguards
  • The formula is safe and natural
  • Information is provided about Vianda, the manufacturer
  • Ogoplex can support the prostate gland

Disadvantages of Ogoplex

  • Website information is limited
  • Ingredients are not explained well
  • No scientific studies are shown
  • Certain remedies are not compatible to be combined with Ogoplex.

Ogoplex The Bottom Line

Ogoplex is no recommended specifically to help deal with sexual function problems, although it likely would benefit overall men’s health, especially older men. However, as a simple supplement, it is more expensive than similar brands and while there is a buyer protection safeguards, there is no conclusive proof to show how well it works.

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