Maxiderm Review - How Effective Is Maxiderm?

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Maxiderm Overview


The male performance product Maxiderm is not an oral capsule or cream but a patch that is applied to the skin. The company website alleges that the product uses the latest technology that delivers the formula efficiently by a transdermal method (i.e. through the skin). The main purpose of Maxiderm is to give the male user a better support levels of male sex hormones* and sexual endurance.

The website for Maxiderm is very professional in appearance but unfortunately the links to several sections lead to information about another patch product. It is not explained why, although it may be that the product has changed its name, which is quite common in this industry. As a result, all the information regarding the ingredients and protection plan etc. may not apply to the Maxiderm brand.

Maxiderm Product Details

It is not known exactly what is in the Maxiderm formula but it likely uses certain commonly used substances known to help improve* male sexual performance. Most products of this type help to increase the volume of blood flowing to the penis, so the chambers become fully engorged during arousal. The patch is applied directly to the body using a ‘skin safe’ adhesive and most men should not experience any harmful side effects. In addition to this, the formula is said to be ‘doctor approved’ and tested, although there is no clinical evidence shown in the form of scientific tests.
Once the patch is applied to the skin it can be left on for up to 72 hours, over which time the formula is released slowly to the system.

Advantages of Maxiderm

  • Maxiderm uses transdermal delivery technology.
  • The product is safe to use.
  • The patch can be worn discreetly.
  • Maxiderm is protection plan and doctor endorsed.

Disadvantages of Maxiderm

  • Ingredients are not listed.
  • The Maxiderm website links are not correct.
  • Details of the buyer protection safeguards are not disclosed.
  • The cost of Maxiderm is not known.
  • Customer user experience stories are not shown.

Maxiderm The Bottom Line

The fact that the Maxiderm website doesn’t link to the correct product is sure to deter some prospective consumers, despite the fact that, on the whole, the brand does appear somewhat efficient. For those interested in trying a patch type of male performance product such as this, there are many other options on the market which disclose full ingredient lists and have a solid protection plan.

A note to our readers: LegitScript was sourced in the gathering of information for this product overview. LegitScript is a verification and monitoring service that has found that this product may be the subject of regulatory action or marketed by unsupported claims.

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