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Max Hard Overview

Max Hard

Max Hard is one of a number of products made for men who wish to enhance their sexual performance. This particular brand works to benefit the male erection by increasing the blood flow to the penile chambers, resulting in a firmer and stronger erection. It is manufactured by MD Science Labs, a company that appears to be reputable and established in the business of health supplements. The company do have an official website that showcases their range of products, but lacks specific details about each product. For consumers who wish to know the contents of the formula (which is likely to be most) these details can be found on independent retailer’s sites. MD Science Labs sells Max Hard for $49.99 per bottle, but it is also available elsewhere for as little as $24.95.

There is a 100% buyer protection safeguards on all MD Science Labs products, but the actual terms are not known. The official website also fails to show customer user experience stories or any proof of clinical testing.

Max Hard Overview

The main active ingredients contained in Max Hard are Prosexual Nutrients and Caltrops. Also in the formula are Maca, Evergreen Bark and Ginseng. Unfortunately the individual amount of these ingredients is not provided making it hard to judge the overall effectiveness.

Advantages of Max Hard

  • The ingredient list is provided
  • Max Hard uses premium ingredients
  • The product is fast acting
  • There is a satisfaction protection plan
  • Max Hard can be taken with other sexual health products

Disadvantages of Max Hard

  • No customer user experience stories are shown
  • Company contact information is limited
  • Scientific test results are not shown
  • Max Hard is only available online

Max Hard The Bottom Line

Max Hardmay only work well when used in conjunction with some other MD Science Lab products and without knowing ingredient amounts, it is hard to say exactly how potent the formula would be. Although it can be taken only when required, the manufacturer does suggest that it may be best to take it on a daily basis which would allow the formula to build in power over the long term.

Advantages of Max Hard

Disadvantages of Max Hard

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