Foods That Naturally Increase the Male Sex Drive


Men are always on the lookout for ways to increase their sex drive, or libido. While there are many creams, gels and pills that are designed to increase male libido, some men prefer a natural libido enhancer. Many men are able to increase their libido by simply adding certain fruits, vegetables and foods to their diet. These foods contain ingredients and nutrients that are essential in increasing your sex drive. Here is a look at some of the easiest ways to naturally increase your sex drive.


Foods That Naturally Increase the Male Sex DriveEggs are a great source of cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential to increasing testosterone. While the eggs can be consumed in a variety of ways, many men will eat the eggs raw. Raw eggs are believed to contain the most cholesterol, and allow men to experience extreme spikes in cholesterol. Eating raw eggs does carry a risk. Some people can experience salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs. If you are trying to increase your libido and wish to add eggs to your diet you can do so by eating them scrambled, hard-boiled, or any other way.


The dark green spinach leaves can help men increase their sex drive. Spinach contains an ingredient known as indole-3-carbinol. Indole-3-carbinol is responsible for stopping the production of oestrogen in men. Men who produce very little oestrogen tend to have leaner muscles and higher testosterone production. Raw spinach is the best, but cooked spinach or using it in recipes can also help you increase your sex drive.


Avocados are a rich source of the Vitamin B6. The Vitamin B6 is responsible for helping the body produce a number of hormones* that are critical to increasing the male sex drive. Hormones such as testosterone are reliant upon Vitamin B6. Increased testosterone can lead to an increase in a man’s libido.

Avocados do more than just provide a source of B6; they can also help men get “into the mood”. Avocados are also considered an aphrodisiac as it can relax the body and stimulate the senses.

Incorporate Oils and Nuts

Many oils and nuts are rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is important to helping men increase their sperm production. Studies have shown that men who have increased sperm production also experience an increase in their sex drive. If you are looking to use oils and nuts to increase your libido then consider adding sunflowers or using vegetables oils in certain meals.

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