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Maca Man Overview

Maca Man

GNC is a reputable company that manufactures and sells a number of supplements, including several that address men’s’ sexual health. Maca Man is one such product and is described on the official company website as being an ‘advanced sexual health formula’. While the GNC website is informative about their company and general health subjects they do not provide a lot of detail in regards to the individual brands. A Q&A section is provided but there are no scientific tests cited and no consumer reviews.

One bottle of Maca Man lasts for 20 days when taken at the recommended dose and costs $26.99 when purchased directly from the website. It is assumed that GNC does provide a buyer protection safeguards for all their products although no details of this are divulged.

Maca Man Product Details

Maca Man combines Niacin and Evergreen Bark Alkaloids in its formula. There is also addition of amino acid rich Prosexual Nutrients and Gingko Biloba in the formula. Niacin used in it may cause temporary facial flushing in some users.

Advantages of Maca Man

  • The product label is shown
  • Maca Man contains Prosexual Nutrients
  • GNC is an established brand
  • Ordering is secure
  • Maca Man is affordable

Disadvantages of Maca Man

  • buyer protection safeguards information is not provided
  • One bottle does not last a full month
  • The website is user friendly
  • Additional health information is provided

Maca Man The Bottom Line

Anyone purchasing a GNC product should be confident of receiving a reasonably reputable supplement. Given the ingredients used in the Maca Man formula, the user should certainly experience some higher levels of energy and sexual stimulation, but it would not be potent enough to have any significant effect on severe conditions associated with erectile difficulty.

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Maca Man

Maca Man




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