Lean Muscle X Review - How Effective Is Lean Muscle X?

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Lean Muscle X Overview

Lean Muscle X

Lean Muscle X is sold on the official website, which is also where the product can be purchased from. As with many products of this type, the information is fairly limited and the overall impression of the product is that it is over-exaggerated in terms of results. The product seems to be specifically marketed towards men who, in addition to giving their sexual performance a boost*, are also involved in body building as the manufacturer alleges it can also help burn fat more efficiently and, as the name suggests, increase lean muscle. There are no customer user experience stories provided for Lean Muscle X and no FAQ section. It is said to be endorsed by some well-known media outlets, but no further details of this are shown.

If a customer orders the free 14 day trial they should be aware that, unless they cancel promptly, they will be enrolled in the auto-ship program and continue receiving the product every month at a cost of $84.71, significantly more expensive than many comparable brands.

Lean Muscle X Product Details

Key ingredients are listed for the Lean Muscle X formula. It is known that one of the active ingredients, Green Teawhile the addition of Acai Berry. Lean Muscle X contains a number of amino acids. Although the complete list of key ingredients is given but the complete details of each ingredient is given on the product site.

Advantages of Lean Muscle X

  • The product is particularly beneficial to body builders.
  • The formula contains amino acids.
  • Lean Muscle X contains ‘superfoods’.
  • The formula is all-natural.

Disadvantages of Lean Muscle X

  • Lean Muscle X is expensive.
  • The formula may be over-stimulating.
  • The website does not contain customer user experience stories.
  • No clinical evidence is provided.

Lean Muscle X The Bottom Line

There is some proof that the addition of caffeinated ingredients (such as Green Tea) can help the body burn fat more effectively although, not knowing the ingredient amounts means that the formula potency is not known. Unless the consumer is an athlete or body builder, there is really no major advantage to buying Lean Muscle X, considering that it is one of the more expensive brands. In fact, if the amount of caffeine is high, unless it is burned off through exercise the user may experience side effects that include nervousness and anxiety.

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Lean Muscle X

Lean Muscle X




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