Irexis Review - How Effective Is Irexis?

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Irexis Overview


Because there are a number of male performance products on the market, it is important for the consumer to get as much information about as brand before they commit to buying. Irexis is a fairly standard brand that is sold exclusively on the internet, and has an official website that is reasonably informative and professional in appearance. The site does have information about the manufacturer of Irexis, Lab88, and provides general ‘lifestyle’ articles in addition to product information. Unfortunately the site has no customer user experience stories or any form of clinical study results to show how well the formula works when professionally tested. It does show a chart comparing the features of Irexis to other popular male performance brands and there is also a secure ordering section. Deals are offered on larger purchases of Irexis but one bottle of the brand is expensive at a cost of $59.99.

Irexis Product Details

The main active ingredients in Irexis are very commonly used for these types of products; Irexis uses Oyster extract, a popular and traditional aphrodisiac, with the addition of Evergreen Bark, Catuaba bark and Muira Puama. Caltrops and Zinc, all ingredient amounts are disclosed. It should be noted that, as the information points out, the use of Evergreen Bark is not advised for all and for more information on the ingredient you can visit the product page on the official site.

Advantages of Irexis

  • The key ingredients are explained.
  • The website includes a useful comparison chart.
  • Irexis has a 90-day buyer protection safeguards.
  • The website includes beneficial male health articles.
  • The ordering process is secure.

Disadvantages of Irexis

  • Irexis is more expensive than some male performance products.
  • Scientific testing is not provided.
  • There are no customer user experience stories.
  • Irexis does not contain Prosexual Nutrients.

Irexis The Bottom Line

Judging from the ingredients in the Irexis formula, this particular brand would likely act more as an aphrodisiac rather than an aid in supporting the erection process. However, some men, particularly when they get older, do find that they are experiencing a lack of desire due to a decline in male sex hormones*, and there is a chance that overtime, Irexis could help with this condition.

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