Four Ways to Eat Healthier at Fast Food Restaurants


Health experts and dieticians recommend completely avoiding fast food restaurants if you wish to eat a meal that is low in sodium. While you might try effortlessly to avoid fast food restaurants, the truth is the convenience and ability to have a complete meal without having to prepare the food is appealing.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle or diet if you wish to dine at a local fast food restaurant. If you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle or avoid foods that are high in sodium but still wish to visit a fast food restaurant occasionally, here are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure you get the healthiest meal possible.

Keep the Order Simple

Fast Food RestaurantsFast food restaurants tend to pile on the toppings and condiments. While these items might taste good they are the cause of the extremely high amounts of sodium and huge calorie counts. If you are trying to avoid consuming high amounts of sodium or wish to eat healthy try to keep your fast food orders simple. Simple orders involve no cheese, no toppings, and just the regular vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce.

Avoid the Salt Shaker

It’s extremely tempting to want to add extra salt to your meal, but it can increase the amount of sodium you consume. When eating at fast food restaurants try to avoid adding extra salt to your meal. The meal is already extremely high in sodium without the addition of the extra salt.

Eat Smaller Portions

Fast food restaurants pride themselves on offering huge portions that are almost impossible to eat. However, if you wish to keep living a healthy lifestyle or want to reduce sodium intake it is best if you order smaller portions.

There are two ways you can avoid large portions. The first way is to not supersize the meal. The second is to consider ordering off the children’s menu as the portions on that special menu tend to be smaller than the regular menu.

Ask to See a Nutritional Fact Sheet

Fast food restaurants are required to keep a nutritional fact sheet on hand, or offer them online. If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle or reduce sodium intake ask to see the nutritional fact sheet at the restaurant you pick. This will allow you to better understand exactly what you are consuming, and how much sodium each menu item contains.

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