Exercise for Older Men


Everyone understands the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, but not all of us follow the good advice that is so readily available. Men who are in their 20s and 30s often pay little attention to the food they are eating or developing a comprehensive exercise plan because they get plenty of physical activity in their regular day-to-day life and are able to eat virtually anything they want without worrying about weight gain. As we age, however, it becomes even more important for us to keep a closer eye on the food that we are consuming and the amount of physical activity that we’re getting on a daily basis.

Exercise for Older MenFortunately, it is never too late to begin a solid exercise routine. In fact, many physicians recommend regular exercise for men over 50 because they believe that it is even more important at this stage that is during a person’s younger years. A man who is 50 years of age or older can benefit from many of the same tactics that younger individuals can, but because they are at a greater risk for developing heart disease, staying in good physical shape is more important than ever.

This does not mean, however, that an older individual needs to try and bulk up and gain excessive amounts of muscle mass. Simply partaking in regular aerobic exercises can be more than enough or the average person. An individual who is overweight or who is at a greater risk of developing heart disease or diabetes may want to consider a more aggressive approach to their exercise routine. The key to any aerobic exercise is to regularly monitor the heartbeat and try to keep it somewhere between 85 bpm and 145 bpm. Doing this for a half hour every day can have surprising results.

Although many men do not like to admit it, things like balance and flexibility are more difficult to maintain as they get older. One way to combat this is to join a yoga or tai chi class. These classes are easy to find and generally cater to individuals of all ages. Not only can these types of classes help a person with their flexibility, they can also increase balance which can prevent dangerous falls from happening. No matter what type of exercise routine an individual takes part in, it is important always place a priority on doing it safely and consistently rather than trying to overdo it.

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