Enduranz Review - How Effective Is Enduranz?

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Enduranz Overview

Enduranz is a product manufactured in the Philippines by the company Natural Quality. They provide an official website to showcase the product which is marketed for men as a way to improve* several areas of their sexual performance. The site does not contain a huge amount of information though, there are only a few customer user experience stories and nothing in regards to any possible clinical testing that may have been performed on the formula.


Enduranz is available in a number of retail stores (presumably in the Philippines) or can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. There is no information about buyer protection safeguards and contact details for the manufacturer are limited. Enduranz is sold in boxes containing 10 capsules at a cost of approximately $5.00 US. However, there would be applicable shipping fees which would make the purchase much more expensive.

Enduranz Product Details

There is severely limited information provided about the Enduranz formula. It is said to contain multiple herbal supplements but only a few are listed – Tongkat Ali, Malungay, Banaba and Gotu Kola. The full list of ingredients in the product is not disclosed. It is recommended that Enduranz is taken at a dose of 2 capsules per day meaning that one box would last just over 4 days.

Advantages of Enduranz

  • The key ingredients are explained.
  • Enduranz is a natural product.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Some customer user experience stories are provided.

Disadvantages of Enduranz

  • Enduranz is only available in boxes of 10 capsules.
  • It requires shipping from overseas.
  • Not all ingredients are listed.
  • No buyer protection safeguards is provided.
  • Clinical study trials are not cited.

Enduranz The Bottom Line

There are many reasons as to why Enduranz cannot be recommended as a good male performance brand and not only because not all the ingredients are disclosed. There are many similar products already widely sold in North America that would be much more cost effective as they would not require international shipping. Additionally, the fact that no buyer protection safeguards is given, makes Enduranz simply not a good choice for any male consumer.

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