Ciatra Review - How Effective Is Ciatra?

By Joshua Jerry
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Joshua Jerry

Ciatra Overview

Ciatra is a product that according to the official website, is a ‘phenomenon’ in terms of improving the male sexual experience. Sadly, the website is not professional in appearance or tone and does contain some graphic images which may offend some consumers. The one page of information focuses mainly on the results that one can expect from using Ciatra, but these seem over-exaggerated and are not backed up by any form of clinical test data.

Ciatra can be ordered either from the manufacturer or from an independent online retailer and there are various package sizes available. A pack of 15 capsules is $31.00 while the largest pack (60 capsules) is $119.00. There is a 90-day buyer protection safeguards on all orders.

Ciatra Product Details


While consumers are told exactly how Ciatra can help support the sexual performance, there is nothing mentioned as to what ingredients are in the formula. The product is said to block catalyze proteins which hinder the achievement of a strong and firm erection. The manufacturer also makes the allege that Ciatra can actually grow the penis lasting but again, no data is shown to support this statement. There is a month by month guide to show what results can be expected, but no dosage instructions are shown. It is likely that Ciatra contains certain Prosexual Nutrients that help improve* blood flow to the penile chambers and possibly substances like Evergreen Bark and Horny goat weed which can support a healthy sex drive.

Advantages of Ciatra

  • Ciatra is available from independent online retailers
  • There are a variety of pricing options
  • A 90-day buyer protection safeguards is provided
  • Ciatra is fast-acting

Disadvantages of Ciatra

  • Ciatra is more expensive than some male enhancement products
  • No ingredient information is provided
  • There are no customer user experience stories
  • The website is very unprofessional
  • Ciatra is only available online
  • The website contains adult images

Ciatra The Bottom Line

With so many male sexual support products on the market, a brand such as Ciatra obviously feels the need to make exaggerated alleges in order to interest consumers. Unfortunately this just gives the impression of a shoddy, untested product. The fact that consumers would have no idea as to the contents of Ciatra is a huge drawback and it is very unlikely that they would be tempted to take a chance on ordering the product.

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Supplementation on its own can help with some sexual issues, but following the tips below as well will ensure peak performance between the sheets. They are also useful if you want to improve* your overall health and well-being. To be at your best:
  1. Get Plenty of Sleep (eight hours a night if possible): You already know how you feel when you skimp on your sleep. You have no energy and you're always wishing you could sneak off for a nap. Nobody is interested in sex when they feel this way. Get more sleep for an instant libido support.
  2. Eat Well: That means eating low-fat, high-fiber foods and ones that contain complex carbohydrates. Being at your ideal weight and consuming fresh foods will both assist in improving* sexual function.
  3. Stop Stressing: Some level of stress is inevitable, but too much can literally wipe out your sex drive and result in erectile difficulties. Try stress-reducing activities and avoid unnecessary stressors in your life to improve* your mental and physical health and your sex life.

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