Yoshido Complex Review - How Effective Is Yoshido Complex?

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Yoshido Complex Overview

Yoshido Complex is a product that is said to have been invented in Japan and is for the purpose of greatly improving the male sexual performance. There is an official Yoshido Complex website online but consumers should be aware that it is quite sexually explicit in terms of language and illustrations. The site’s overall appearance is not professional and features several questionable statements. There are several customer testimonials, including one from a 90-year old Japanese male adult film star. The website states that the product was originally invented as a way for Japanese men, who generally have long life spans, to continue enjoying a healthy and active sex life. While it is said that Yoshido Complex has undergone clinical trials, no actual results are shown apart from a claim that 99% of male testers were satisfied.

Yoshido Complex is made and ordered from Canada and it is available in several package options, with the smallest, one box, costing $49.00. A free gift of another sexual supplement Testomax is provided as is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Yoshido Complex Product Details

Yoshido Complex

Only the three key ingredients used in Yoshido Complex are listed and described on the product site. These are Red Kwao Krua, a substance that can help improve the libido and arousal, She Chuang Ze, to increase the flow of blood to the genitals and Kapikatchhu, said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Although the ingredients are illustrated and described it is not known in what quantities they are included in the formula or if they are the only substances used. The Yoshido complex brand has not been known to cause harmful side effects and is said to work within 5 minutes after taking.

Advantages of Yoshido Complex

  • Yoshido Complex has a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Active ingredients are listed
  • The product should not cause harmful side effects
  • Yoshido Complex is fast-acting
  • There are customer testimonials provided
  • Free products are offered

Disadvantages of Yoshido Complex

  • Yoshido Complex is only available online
  • The website is unprofessional
  • No free samples are offered
  • Solid scientific proof is not shown
  • The formula does not contain Prosexual Nutrients
  • Not all ingredients are known

Yoshido Complex The Bottom Line

Even if the Yoshido Complex website was not so unprofessional and sexually-explicit, this still would not be a totally recommended product. Consumers need to know exactly what is in a formula before they purchase it, particularly when it is expensive which is the case for Yoshido Complex. Because it doesn’t use any of the more traditional male sexual support ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t work but if it did, it would be wise for the manufacturer to provide clinical study results. Unfortunately the overall unprofessional appearance of this brand would certainly deter any consumer from taking a chance on it.

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