Vitali-T-Aid Review - How Effective Is Vitali-T-Aid?

Posted on: May 8, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Vitali-T-Aid Overview

The product Vitali-T-Aid is designed to support levels of male hormones which can become diminished with age or illness. The website is professional in appearance and reasonably informative ad includes customer testimonials and a lengthy FAQ section. The manufacturer of the brand is Naturade who are a very well-established company. They sell Vitali-T-Aid directly from the site at a cost of $39.99 for a one month supply and all orders are processed securely. There are discounts provided for multiple bottles but unfortunately no money back guarantees are offered.

Unlike some brands of male performance supplements, Vitali-T-Aid has been tested in consumer trials and, among other results, 85% of users experienced an increase in sexual desire.

Vitali-T-Aid Product Details


The Vital-T-Aid formula uses a combination of natural substances that have an effect on hormone levels, helping to redress any imbalance. A decrease in male sex hormones can affect not only the sexual performance but other aspects of well-being such as weight gain, fatigue, mood and muscle mass. The use of a fenugreek extract, Testofen and the natural ingredient Caltrops is what makes Vitali-T-Aid successful in addressing the problem, while other ingredients such as Prosexual Nutrients, ginseng, Astragalus root and Saw Palmetto add to the overall energy and endurance levels.

While Vitali-T-Aid should not cause harmful side effects, men with any health problems such as cardiovascular conditions should consult with a physician before taking.

Advantages of Vitali-T-Aid

  • The ingredient list is provided.
  • Vitali-T-Aid has been consumer tested.
  • Customer testimonials are provided.
  • The manufacturer is well-established.
  • The ordering process is secure.

Disadvantages of Vitali-T-Aid

  • No money back guarantees are provided.
  • Ingredient amounts are not shown.
  • Vitali-T-Aid is only sold online.

Vitali-T-Aid The Bottom Line

There is some evidence to show that increasing and supporting decreased hormone levels can benefit many aspects of male health, including having a positive effect on the sexual performance and endurance. As with any supplement of this type, it is always helpful and comforting to see that the product has been clinically tested, although it would be beneficial if the product also had a money back guarantee of some kind.

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