VigorMax Review - How Effective Is VigorMax?

Posted on: July 6, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

VigorMax Overview

VigorMax is a male performance product that is manufactured by Platinum Naturals, a respected and established company that presents all its products on a professional and user-friendly website. The product is all natural and is mainly designed to help improve and support the male sexual function. VigorMax is available in several retail stores and the site provides links to these outlets, as it is not available directly from the manufacturer. A one month supply of the product is $26.99 which is in the lower price range for this type of supplement.

In addition to information about the company, the website also offers a number of additional health articles and explains the technology they use in the formula called Omega Suspension Technology. However, there are no customer testimonials, no FAQ section or details of a money back guarantee.

VigorMax Product Details


The full product label is shown for VigorMax and all the individual amounts are listed, giving the consumer an idea of just how powerful the formula would be. Included in the blend are Caltrops, used to support important male sex hormones, Ginseng, to increase available energy, Cayenne, a potent stimulator plus Wild Yam, Guarana, Damiana and Avena Sativa. Unfortunately there are no explanations provided as to how the formula or the ingredients work so the consumer would have to do their own added research. In addition to aiding in an increased blood flow to help produce a firm and sustained erection, VigorMax is also said to increase the circulation and male sexual stamina although, as with all the claims for the brand, no clinical evidence is provided.

Advantages of VigorMax

  • The product label is shown.
  • Vigor Max is inexpensive.
  • The manufacturer is established.
  • VigorMax is available in retail stores.
  • It can also be taken by females.
  • All company contact details are shown.

Disadvantages of VigorMax

  • Scientific testing is not cited.
  • No customer testimonials are shown.
  • Ingredients are not well explained.
  • Vigor Max does not contain Prosexual Nutrients.

VigorMax The Bottom Line

Compared to many similar male enhancing products on the market, VigorMax does appear to be a reasonably viable product. It is appreciated that the manufacturer is reputable and that it is offered at an affordable price. However, most consumers prefer to have a money back guarantee with this type of product and certainly know that it has performed well in clinical studies.

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