Vaso-Prophin Review - How Effective Is Vaso-Prophin?

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Vaso-Prophin Overview

The brand of male performance supplement Vaso-Prophin is a very medical and professional looking product, manufactured by the company Dixie Health. The company feature this, and all their other supplements on a very user-friendly website which gives some information about the manufacturer and is where the products can be purchased from. There are very few details provided on each individual product however, although this can be found on retail sites that also carry the brand. Unfortunately, apart from the contact information and shipping details, there is very little to be found on the official site – no customer testimonials, FAQ’s or clinical study tests.

Vaso-Prophin can be purchased at a cost of $39.95, although often discounted prices are available. Dixie Health does not seem to offer any form of money back guarantee nor are there any free trial samples provided either.

Vaso-Prophin Product Details


Anyone wanting to know exactly what is in the Vaso-Prophin formula needs to look on sites other than the Dixie Health site, which contains no information about the ingredients. The product is designed to be used just on days when sexual activity is expected, and is said to significantly increase the penile blood flow, enabling men to easily achieve erections that are firmer and more sustainable. It is aimed primarily for those who for one reason or another may have difficulty obtaining an erection and who wish to take a natural, alternative product. The actual ingredients in the Vaso-Prophin formula are safe to use for most men and should cause no harmful interactions with other treatments. It contains Prosexual Nutrients, which are amino acids that are responsible for the improved blood flow plus several other male performance ingredients such as Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed, Maca and Bioperine, an extract of black pepper that helps with the absorption of the other ingredients.

It is claimed that Vaso-Prophin works after just one dose and lasts up to 12 hours.

Advantages of Vaso-Prophin

  • Manufacturer contact information is provided.
  • Discount prices are available.
  • Vaso-Prophin contains Prosexual Nutrients.
  • Dixie Health is a reputable manufacturer.
  • The formula is fast acting.

Disadvantages of Vaso-Prophin

  • The official website does not list ingredients.
  • No customer testimonials are provided.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • Scientific proof is not shown.

Vaso-Prophin The Bottom Line

There are some positive aspects of Vaso-Prophin such as the fact that the manufacturer is reputable and that it is safe and natural. However, it would be helpful if the website provided test results to shown just how well the formula performs and also offered some free samples for their prospective customers. It does contain Prosexual Nutrients, so it is likely to affect the blood flow to some extent, although maybe not enough to help men with severe sexual function problems.

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