Trivaxa Review - How Effective Is Trivaxa?

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Trivaxa Overview

The male performance supplement Trivaxa is designed to improve the male erection quickly and effectively. It is sold through the official Trivaxa website which does include some detailed information, but is extremely exaggerated in its tone which unfortunately makes it appear disreputable and unprofessional.

The site gives prospective customers information regarding how the product works, which is basically by enhancing the blood flow to the penile chambers, resulting in a harder, longer lasting ‘vein popping’ erection that is said to provide ‘porn star’ stamina. The site also states that Trivaxa is the #1 Erection Pill used by European Adult film stars. They give no proof of this, but there are customer test results shown in a diagram and result statistics. In addition to this, customer testimonials are shown and there is a FAQ section.

Trivaxa Product Details


Only key active ingredients are listed for Trivaxa, which purports to contain 15 natural herbs and nutrients plus Maca and prosexual nutrients that help increase Nitrous Monoxide which is an essential element in creating and maintaining a good erection. Apart from these details and a description regarding how the formula can boost male hormones and Dopamine (for mood), there is nothing else known. The manufacturer recommends that Trivaxa pills are used in conjunction with their erection cream for best results, but there is no indication as to how quickly it works or how long results last for.

Advantages of Trivaxa

  • Trivaxa is used by adult film stars.
  • The formula is all natural.
  • It can be used in conjunction with the Trivaxa cream.
  • Trivaxa is said to create a positive mood.

Disadvantages of Trivaxa

  • Scientific tests are not provided.
  • The website is over-exaggerated.
  • Not all ingredients are listed.

Trivaxa The Bottom Line

Trivaxa makes claims that seem ‘too good to be true’ although unlike some competitive brands, they can show some proof of successful results. In terms of cost, the brand is not the most expensive on the market – a one month supply costs $49.95 with discounts given on larger orders, although there are no details about the money back guarantee.

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