Tongkat Ali Review - How Effective Is Tongkat Ali?

Posted on: July 6, 2012
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Tongkat Ali Overview

Tongkat Ali is marketed mainly as a substance that will enable men to enjoy a full and active sexual experience. While the name Tongkat Ali is the one most people are familiar with, it is also known by its official name, Eurycoma Longifolia plus a number of others such as Muntah Buma and Penawar Pahit. Tongkat Ali is a botanical derived from a plant found primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. It has been used here for centuries as a traditional medicine to treat the problem of diminished libido and as a way of providing sexual energy for both men and women. In the west it is often included in a number of men’s health supplements and less frequently, in its pure form.

The cost of Tongkat Ali will vary depending on its purity, the amount of extract included in the formula and the individual manufacturer. Generally, if part of a formula, Tongkat Ali products can be purchased at an affordable price but in its pure form it can cost as much as $100.00 per bottle. The dosage of the product also varies but the optimal amount is 200mg.

Tongkat Ali Product Details

Tongkat Ali

As mentioned, the primary function of Tongkat Ali is to stimulate the libido and create a stronger desire for sexual activity. Other benefits include supporting male sex hormone levels and even increase the quality of sperm production for greater virility. It is generally thought of being safe although there is a possibility that in higher doses it may have some adverse side effects. These may include nausea and anxiety and in some cases insomnia.

Advantages of Tongkat Ali

  • It has had some clinical testing.
  • It is widely available.
  • Tongkat Ali has several sexual benefits.
  • It can be purchased affordably when combined in formulas.
  • Customer testimonials are available.

Disadvantages of Tongkat Ali

  • Tongkat Ali in its pure form is expensive.
  • It may cause harmful side effects.
  • The formula may take time to take effect.
  • Not all Tongkat Ali is good quality.

Tongkat Ali The Bottom Line

For anyone opting for a Tongkat Ali product, they should always ensure that it is good quality and made by a reputable manufacturer. In addition to this, all products should have a money back guarantee and ideally offer a free sample. While there is some evidence that Tongkat Ali will have a positive effect on sexual function, it should not be solely relied on to have powerful aphrodisiacal effects.

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