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Testoboost Overview

Testoboost is a product that is obviously marketed towards bodybuilding men, judging from the online retail sites that sell the brand. It is made by the company Muscle Science but they do not seem to have an official site for consumers to look at. Instead, Testoboost is available from a number of retailers both online and in stores. Unfortunately the actual cost of the brand is not known but this type of product is usually sold in the $30-$40 price range. Some retail sites do offer their own money back guarantees but there is no manufacturer backed guarantee apparent. Likewise, some sites do show customer testimonials but there are no actual clinical studies shown as concrete evidence of positive results.

Testoboost Product Details


The full list of ingredients used in the Testoboost formula is shown and it contains a mix of individual substances and a proprietary blend. Included in the formula is the patented blend ZMA, which provides mineral support plus Chrysin, a bioflavanoid. Other substances are Piper Nigrum and Longifolia and while there is no full description of how the formula works, it is known to have a number of benefits. The main purpose of the formula is to help the body stimulate more male sex hormones which are vital to several areas of male health. Not only can an increase in these substances help to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance but they have also shown to enable a better quality sexual performance. Some of the ingredients used in Testoboost have been independently studied and can reduce the conversion of male hormones to female hormones, a process that occurs mainly as the male ages.

It is recommended that Testoboost is taken in cycles for best results i.e. the user takes it for 8-10 weeks then breaks for 6-8 weeks, at a dose of 3 capsules per day.

Advantages of Testoboost

  • Some ingredients have been independently tested.
  • The formula ingredients are listed.
  • The product is available in retail stores.
  • The formula benefits several areas of male health.
  • Some customer testimonials are shown.

Disadvantages of Testoboost

  • There is no official website.
  • Ingredients are not explained well.
  • The cost of Testoboost is not known.
  • Clinical data is not disclosed.
  • The money back guarantee is not known.

Testoboost The Bottom Line

While Testoboost appears to be a standard type of bodybuilder’s supplement it is not likely to be the best choice for men wishing to support their sexual performance. Despite the fact that the formula may stimulate male sex hormones, it does not contain some vital substances such as Prosexual nutrients, which are usually added for increased blood flow to the penile chambers.

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