Provacyl Review - How Effective Is Provacyl?

Posted on: June 14, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Provacyl Overview

Provacyl is a product that is made for men, particularly those in middle age and older. Men in these age groups often experience and notice a decline in certain health areas, especially those related to sexual performance. This is due, in part to a decline in the production and availability of certain male hormones in the body, such as the ‘growth’ hormone and those that support male virility. Provacyl is sold through its official website at a cost of $32.00 for a one month supply and the site, while very informative, is overly lengthy and not totally professional in tone and appearance. There are some useful sections however, such as information on the condition of andropause often described as the male ‘menopause’ and a quiz to judge whether andropause is being experienced, an FAQ section, customer testimonials and secure ordering section. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of background information about the manufacturer or complete contact details, but they do offer a 67 day money back guarantee and free bonus gifts with certain orders.

Provacyl Product Details


There is a full section about the ingredients contained in Provacyl, which is a natural formula and designed to produce good results within 30-60 days after beginning the dosage. Key ingredients are listed and explained and the formula contains several beneficial amino acids, including Prosexual nutrients that support blood flow to the penile chambers for an improved erection, Ginseng to lift energy levels and mood, to stimulate the adrenal glands, Muira Puama to help relieve stress and anxiety, plus Ginkgo Biloba to further improve the volume of blood flowing through the vessels to the penis. While there are no clinical studies shown to demonstrate the results of Provacyl, independent studies have been performed on individual ingredients, particularly those affecting the male sex hormones.

Advantages of Provacyl

  • The Provacyl formula is all natural
  • The product is said to aid both physical and mental health
  • The formula contains several beneficial amino acids
  • Free gifts are offered on certain orders
  • There is a money back guarantee

Disadvantages of Provacyl

  • The Provacyl website is unprofessional
  • Not all ingredients are listed
  • Provacyl is only sold online
  • No scientific studies are provided

Provacyl The Bottom Line

While it is appreciated that Provacyl provides a lot of relevant information for men about Andropause and the related health conditions, the overall image of the product is not professional. It appears to be standard in terms of formula ingredients and unfortunately doesn’t contain the one essential ingredient said to benefit male sex hormones which is Caltrops. At most, Provacyl would affect energy levels and possibly improve the circulation and general well-being.

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