Powerzen Review - How Effective Is Powerzen?

Posted on: February 23, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Powerzen Overview

Powerzen is a male performance product that is designed to be used just prior to sexual activity as opposed to taken daily. The all-natural supplement is said to enhance the power and longevity of the male erection, while advancing stamina and having a therapeutic effect on erectile conditions. It appears to be manufactured in Asia and information about the brand is scarce. The only information available is on retail sites that sell the product, which is available for a variety of prices depending on the package size and retailer. However the average price is approximately $15.00 but there don’t seem to be any money back guarantees associated with the product and no free samples are offered.

There are no FAQ’s for Powerzen, no customer testimonials and no mention of any clinical studies that have been performed on the formula.

Powerzen Product Details


Despite the lack of information in other aspects of Powerzen, all the ingredients used in the formula are listed. It includes some commonly-used substances that aid in male performance such as Prosexual Nutrients that affect the vasodilation process, giving a greater flow of blood to the penile chambers. Other ingredients are Caltrops, Damiana, Guarana, Yohimbe, Maca, Vitamin B12. Not only will these improve areas of sexual function but have a positive effect on overall health.

Powerzen should be taken with water approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity and no more than one capsule should be taken in a 60 hour period. It is not known how long the effects of the formula last.

Advantages of Powerzen

  • Powerzen is affordable.
  • Prosexual Nutrients are included in the formula.
  • Powerzen is only taken when required.

Disadvantages of Powerzen

  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • It is only sold on the internet.
  • No customer testimonials are shown for Powerzen.
  • Product information is limited.

Powerzen The Bottom Line

The lack of information about Powerzen means it is impossible to adequately judge its performance. It also means that it cannot be recommended as a reliable, reputable brand and any consumer looking to help improve their sexual performance would be advised to seek out a better-known brand that can show positive results and that has a money back guarantee.

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