Nitro Pump XL Review - How Effective Is Nitro Pump XL?

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Nitro Pump XL Overview

The Nitro Pump XL brand of dietary supplement is mainly marketed towards men who participate in body building activities. While some products of this type are simply marketed as methods to help improve blood flow for supporting sexual performance, Nitro Pump XL is said to do this and more. It claims to have the ability to increase muscle mass, decrease the recovery time after both exercise and sexual activity and support higher endurance levels. While the official website is reasonably informative, there are no clinical study trials shown to prove any of the claims, and the overall effect of the product is very exaggerated.

Nitro Pump XL is certainly one of the more expensive brands of supplement, costing $94.95 per one month supply. However, discounted prices are shown for purchases of multiple bottles and the manufacturer supplies a 30-day money back guarantee.

Nitro Pump XL Product Details

Nitro Pump XL

Only the key active ingredients are detailed on the Nitro Pump XL website and these consist of four different types of amino acids. These particular amino acids are also known as Prosexual Nutrients that provide the body with assistance in increasing blood flow, especially during exercise and sexual activity. It seems as though the formula is quite high in stimulants such as caffeine, as there is a warning against the intake of other caffeinated products while taking Nitro Pump XL. Overuse of products such as this can sometimes lead to nervousness and difficulty sleeping.

The dosage instructions for Nitro Pump XL are that 4 capsules are taken twice a day, making a total of eight.

Advantages of Nitro Pump XL

  • The website is informative.
  • Nitro Pump XL has a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The formula contains Prosexual Nutrient amino acids.
  • Customer testimonials are shown.
  • Discounted prices are available.

Disadvantages of Nitro Pump XL

  • The product may take between 3-9 months to work.
  • Nitro Pump XL is very expensive.
  • Not all the ingredients are listed.
  • Scientific trials are not cited.
  • The formula may be over-stimulating.

Nitro Pump XL The Bottom Line

Products such as Nitro Pump XL are likely too powerful for the average man who does not participate in body building or vigorous exercise. Many such products rely on using stimulants to rapidly increase energy levels, and while Nitro Pump XL does consist of beneficial amino acids, these may not be enough to radically support a diminished erection. In addition to this, the product is very expensive and requires a lot of capsules on a daily basis.

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