Nan Bao Review - How Effective Is Nan Bao?

Posted on: November 17, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Nan Bao Overview

Nan Bao is a Chinese-made supplement that claims to use the power of traditional Chinese herbs in its formula. Many people have relied upon Chinese herbal remedies for years as they are a good alternative to moremainstream treatments. Nan Bao, while primarily marketed as a sexual tonic for men, can also improve several areas of male health. However, in its role as a sexual function product, it is said to help with early and soft erection problems and also give the user greater sexual vigor.

There is no actual official site for Nan Bao, although there is information to be seen on websites that sell the brand, of which there seem to be many. Because there is no official site, customer testimonials and FAQ’s are not provided and retailers usually have their own type of money back guarantee. A box containing 20 Nan Bao capsules costs $27.95 and it needs to be taken daily at a dose of 2-3 per day, meaning that one box would not last long.

Nan Bao Product Details

The list of ingredients used in Nan Bao is provided for co9nsumers although many of the substances used are not very common. Unfortunately there are no explanations of what the ingredients do which would be a problem for consumers unfamiliar with Chinese herbs. The formula lists Ginseng, Tang Kwei, Dodder Seed, Cinnamon, Licorice, Fox Glove, Fenugreek and Winter Wheat among the ingredients and all amounts are shown.

There is no mention of clinical studies performed on the formula nor how long consumers have to wait to see results. Additionally it is not clear which ingredients are responsible for creating a greater blood flow to the penile chambers during arousal which is the way a strong and powerful erection can be obtained.

Advantages of Nan Bao

  • Ordering is secure online.
  • All ingredients are listed.
  • Nan Bao is sold through independent retailers.
  • The formula relieves a number of symptoms.
  • The formula is all natural.

Disadvantages of Nan Bao

  • There is no clinical study cited.
  • No customer testimonials are shown.
  • Nan Bao uses unfamiliar ingredients.
  • There is no official website.
  • Manufacturer contact information is limited.

Nan Bao The Bottom Line

With the proliferation of male performance supplements on the market, Nan Bao does not stand out in any way. For the consumer to be interested, the manufacturer should impart more details are how the ingredients in the formula work and preferably provide an official website and all manufacturer contact information.

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