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Mojo Risen Overview

Sold only via the internet, Mojo Risen is a product that is presented on a website which is extremely unprofessional in both appearance and content. It is in the form of a personal letter from the CEO of the company Kamran Resapour and seems to make many unfounded statements about the product. Not all the information is irrelevant however, and there are customer testimonials and FAQ section. Mojo risen is an oral capsule that is designed to be taken only on occasions when a ‘boost’ is needed for sexual performance, unlike daily supplements that are taken daily for a cumulative effect. Because it is only taken as needed, Mojo risen is made to work within 30 minutes with the effects lasting for a few days.

Mojo Risen is offered for sale from the official website but is significantly more expensive than similar brands. A pack of 10 Mojo risen pills costs $54.95, but, as with many such products, it is far more economical to purchase in bulk. All purchases do have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Mojo Risen Product Details

Mojo Risen

Mojo risen is an all-natural product that consists of ancient Chinese substances, the key ingredient being Polyrhachis Vicina Roger (PV Roger). This is actually derived from a species of ant that is rich in nutrients and protein-filled amino acids. As the information points out, the ingredients used are not extracts meaning that their potency is not reduced in any way. In addition to the PV Roger, Mojo Risen uses Deer Velvet Antler to support vital hormone levels for virility, the herbal tonic Cistanche, Cayenne to increase the flow of blood and speed of circulation plus Angelica, a substance that improves overall formula potency. The complete ingredient label is shown, but because the blend is proprietary, actual amounts are not listed.

Apart from the fact that the ingredients in Mojo Risen have all been used supposedly for many years in Chinese medicine, the product website shows no clinical results for the brand.

Advantages of Mojo Risen

  • Mojo Risen has a 60-day money back guarantee
  • The formula is based on traditional Chinese ingredients
  • Mojo risen does not require a daily dosage
  • Customer testimonials are shown
  • PV Roger is extremely nutritious

Disadvantages of Mojo Risen

  • No scientific testing has been undertaken
  • Mojo Risen is expensive
  • The formula contains largely unknown ingredients
  • Exaggerated statements are made about the brand
  • The website is not professional in appearance

Mojo Risen The Bottom Line

There are other brands on the market that harvest the ‘power’ of PV Roger, and although some consumers may be satisfied knowing the substance has been used for centuries, it would be preferable if it had been clinically tested in laboratories. The addition of Cayenne would certainly increase the circulation, which may in turn create a greater flow of blood to the penis during the erection, but there really is no proof that Mojo Risen really improves sexual performance in just 30 minutes.

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