Mojo Nights Review - How Effective Is Mojo Nights?

Posted on: May 21, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Mojo Nights Overview

The Mojo Nights product is a sexual performance product that is available in formulas for men and women. For the male, it is to be used just prior to sexual activity for the purpose of strengthening the performance in terms of erectile quality and stamina. The product is presented on the official Mojo Nights website which is reasonably informative and provides additional information for the consumer. There is a video presentation, customer testimonials and a secure ordering section. A sample pack of Mojo Nights is available and the product costs $39.99 for a pack of 5 capsules. A 90-day money back guarantee is provided for all purchases and larger quantities of the product are sold at discount prices. Unfortunately, the information about the manufacturer is limited in terms of contact details

Mojo Nights Product Details

Mojo Nights

The male version of Mojo Nights works primarily as a relaxant for the blood vessels leading to the penis. When these vessels are relaxed, they widen and a greater flow of blood is allowed through to the penile chambers. In turn, they become fully engorged with blood and the male experiences a firm, strong and long lasting erection. The formula consists of individual ingredients Zinc, Vitamin E and Niacin (which all support general male sexual health) and a proprietary blend of other sexual stimulants. Included in this blend are Cordyceps, Walnut, Dong Quai, Astragulas, Ginseng and Chinese Dodder plant. While these are all known to have a positive effect on the sexual system, the formula fails to include Prosexual Nutrients, which are amino acids that support healthy blood flow and vasodilation.

The manufacturer of Mojo Nights states that the effects of the formula can last up to 72 hours, but they do not provide any form of clinical study trials to back this up as a fact.

Advantages of Mojo Nights

  • The formula comes in male and female versions
  • The website is attractively presented and user friendly
  • Ingredients are listed in full
  • There is a money back guarantee
  • Mojo Nights is all natural

Disadvantages of Mojo Nights

  • Scientific studies are not published
  • Manufacturer contact information is incomplete
  • Mojo Nights is more expensive than similar brands
  • The formula does not contain Prosexual Nutrients

Mojo Nights The Bottom Line

Considering that Mojo Nights omits several key ingredients – in addition to Prosexual Nutrients it has no sexual hormone-supporting substances – it is an expensive product. For the cost, the consumer should at least be able to see proof of positive results and they should certainly not rely on it as a serious treatment for severe erectile problems.

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