Maximum T Review - How Effective Is Maximum T?

Posted on: June 12, 2013
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Joshua Jerry

Maximum T Overview

The Maximum T supplement is manufactured by Health Research Labs and marketed online. The website claims that Maximum T is ‘revolutionary’ and goes on to explain that the product uses the power of natural Fenugreek as a way to increase and support a healthy production of the male sex hormone. In fact, most of the ingredients in the Maximum T formula address this and according to the product information, this hormone is responsible for a number of male health areas such as muscle mass, heart health, energy and even their mental state. While it is generally known that the hormone is very important there is no scientific study test data shown to prove this.

Maximum T can be purchased at a cost of $39.95 for a one month supply and there is a 60-day money back guarantee for all purchases. Additionally, it is to the buyer’s benefit to purchase more than one bottle at a time in order to receive discounted prices.

Maximum T Product Details

Maximum T

Most of the Maximum T range of products are related to the improvement of the male sexual experience. The Santi Scalper Penis Erection capsule contains an amount of Bovine extract taken from certain Chinese cattle. It is said to be combined with Antler (often used in this type of product), Ginseng, peptides, calcium, zinc and collagen. None of the ingredients are explained in any detail and no amounts are provided for how much of each are in each capsule. However, it is known that bovine extract and antler in particular may have some benefits in supporting male sexuality and virility.

The manufacturer claims that the product can help the male consumer achieve an erection within 1 hour of dosage, but it is not known how long the erection can be sustained. While the formula should not cause harmful side effects, the fact that it contains ‘rare Chinese medications’ which are unspecified is a concern.

Advantages of Maximum T

  • The key ingredients are listed
  • Company background information is provided
  • Maximum T contains bovine extract
  • The product is all natural
  • Maximum T products are award winning

Disadvantages of Maximum T

  • Only key ingredients are listed
  • There are no customer testimonials
  • No clinical study results are provided
  • The product has to be bought in bulk
  • Company contact information is limited
  • The product requires shipping from China

Maximum T The Bottom Line

While Maximum T products are natural, this type of formula would likely only interest someone with a knowledge or attraction to Chinese medicine. With so many products on the market in North America that claim to have the same effects in terms of supporting male sexual function, there is no reason for any consumer to order this from overseas, particularly given the fact that the ingredients are not well explained and no clinical data is provided.

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