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Max Size Overview

The company M.D. Science Lab is an established and reasonably reputable business that produces a number of natural supplements for men and women. Their official online website is informative and detailed containing separate pages for each of their products. Max Size can be purchased from the manufacturer or through independent retailers. The cost varies between $24.99 and $49.99 and each purchase has a 100% money back guarantee.

There are many customer testimonials, most of which are mixed. It appears that while Max Size increases energy levels, there is some doubt as to just how effective it is in helping achieve a firm erection, the main purpose of the product.

Max Size Product Details

Max Size

The complete bottle label is shown on the website and although all ingredients are listed, only those that are key are explained. Max Size helps to increase the volume of blood that fills the spongy tissue in the penis which in turn creates an erect penis. The inclusion of Cniddium Monnieri is the active substance that has this effect, as it inhibits PDE-5, an enzyme that can block the erection process. Also in the formula are blood vessel relaxers Prosexual Nutrients, Muira Puama, Oyster shell, Nettles, Maca, Yohimbe, Avena Sativa and Caltrops. This last ingredient is particularly important for its ability in supporting important sexual hormone levels.

Max Size can be used in two ways – it should be taken daily but also with an extra dose added before sexual activity. It is advised that the user takes it for a minimum of 90 days to see good results, but it should be taken at regular intervals thereafter to maintain those results.

Advantages of Max Size

  • All ingredients are known.
  • Max Size is guaranteed.
  • An extra dose can be added for increased effect.
  • M.D. Science Lab is an established company.
  • The product can be purchased at discount prices.
  • The formula contains Prosexual Nutrients and Caltrops.

Disadvantages of Max Size

  • Some negative reviews are shown.
  • No clinical testing has been performed.
  • Results are not permanent.
  • Ingredient amounts are not known.

Max Size The Bottom Line

Max Size does include many essential ingredients required to support the achievement of an erection, although it is not known how potent the formula is. While it may be suitable for men who only suffer minimal erectile difficulties, it is unlikely to have any major effect on severe conditions. And although the product may have been tested for safety and the risk of side effects, it would be most beneficial to see results of clinical trials.

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