Masculon Forte Review - How Effective Is Masculon Forte?

Posted on: June 12, 2013
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Joshua Jerry

Masculon Forte Overview

Masculon Forte is a product that is manufactured by Uniscience Group and is marketed and sold through their website. The site is very professional and reasonably informative and shows their whole range of supplements that are for men and women. Masculon Forte is part of their Men’s Health range and it is assumed that it is specifically designed to help improve several areas of men’s wellbeing, in particular their sexual health.

The Uniscience Group site includes information about the doctor who was key in the development of the product plus contact information and customer service details. In addition to a secure ordering section, where one bottle of Masculon Forte can be purchased for a cost of $39.95, the company offers a full one year money back guarantee.

Masculon Forte Product Details

Masculon Forte

The full product label is shown for Masculon Forte and while all the ingredients are mentioned, none are explained in detail. It is not clear which ingredients are the main active substances and there does not appear to be any type of Prosexual Nutrients involved, which are usually included as a way to dilate the blood vessels and allow more blood flow to the penile chambers. Instead, Masculon Forte lists Zinc, Chrysin, Milk thistle, Calcium, Resveratrol, Diindolylmethane and Alpha Lipoic acid as ingredients, plus bioperine to make the formula absorb more easily.

In addition to the lack of information about the formula it is not stated as to how the product should be taken, whether on a daily basis (which is likely) or only prior to sexual activity.

Advantages of Masculon Forte

  • The product label is published
  • Company background information is provided
  • There is a one year money back guarantee
  • The Masculon Forte website is professional in appearance
  • The purpose of the product is not clearly stated

Disadvantages of Masculon Forte

  • Ingredients are not explained in detail
  • There are no customer testimonials
  • No clinical study results are provided
  • Discounts are only available with multiple orders
  • Dosage instructions are not known

Masculon Forte The Bottom Line

While Masculon Forte is a product that is manufactured by a seemingly reputable company and presents itself in a professional manner, it would be beneficial for consumers to know more about the actual formula which is really the most important aspect. One positive point of the brand is the fact that it does have a full one year money back guarantee which means that consumers will have more than adequate time in which to see if Masculon Forte works for them.

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