Mandelay Review - How Effective Is Mandelay?

Posted on: May 15, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Mandelay Overview

Mandelay is a gel cream that is applied to the shaft of the penis in order to postpone ejaculation. While it is for men who experience the problem of ejaculating too quickly, it is more suitable for mild conditions, rather than chronic and anyone who continuously suffers from the problem should certainly consult with their doctor.

The information for Mandelay can be found on the online website for Majestic, the long-established manufacturers of the brand and also on the websites of retailers carrying the product. There are very few customer reviews or testimonials, and while a decent amount can also be found on retail websites, it is not readily available from the manufacturer. However, independent reviews for Mandelay are positive and most men found that by delaying ejaculation, they enjoyed a more pleasurable sexual experience. Additionally, their partners also experienced more satisfactory sexual activity.

Mandelay is safe to use with condoms as it doesn’t affect latex in any way and the gel is non-toxic. The product has been FDA approved and no side effects should occur, unless the user is allergic to the product.

Mandelay Product Details


Mandelay relays on Benzocaine as the key active ingredient. A more popular component since it is known to most people as an anesthetic and pain reliever. The other ingredients listed in the formula are PES-8 and Propylene gel. In Mandelay, the Benzocaine numbs the nerve endings in the penis which in turn reduces the sensation during sexual activity. While it does not numb the penis to the point where there is no feeling, it does it just enough to postpone the climax. The product is to be applied just before intercourse and should be rinsed off straight after.

The price of Mandelay varies depending on the retailer and there does not seem to be any manufacturer’s money back guarantee. One tube of Mandelay retails for a cost of approximately $6.99 and often retailers will offer coupons and discounts.

Advantages of Mandelay

  • The product causes no harmful side effects.
  • The product is safe to use with condoms.
  • A tube of Mandelay is affordable.
  • The product can be purchased in retail stores.
  • The formula in Mandelay is FDA approved.
  • Mandelay does not require daily application.

Disadvantages of Mandelay

  • The official Mandelay information website is limited.
  • No FAQ section is provided.
  • There are no money-back guarantees.
  • Some users may experience skin rashes.

Mandelay The Bottom Line

Mandelay is a good product for men when they experience temporary premature ejaculation problems, which can be caused by a number of different conditions, including illness and stress. Even though there is no money back guarantee, Mandelay is generally affordable enough for most men to try and see if it works for them without committing to spending a lot of money.

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