Male Formula XL Review - How Effective Is Male Formula XL?

Posted on: October 9, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Male Formula XL Overview

The Male Formula XL product is designed for men as a way to help improve their sexual performance and other aspects of male health including stamina, sexual endurance and desire. There is no official website with information about this particular brand of supplement, nor is the manufacturer known. Any information about Male Formula XL is to be found on a few retail sites that carry the brand, including Ebay, where it is sold wholesale. Because there is no official site, information regarding the brand is severely limited. There is said to be a risk-free trial offered, but no details of this or the actual cost of the product are provided. It is known however that by taking advantage of the risk free trial the consumer is enrolled in an auto shipping program, something that not all consumers may want.

Male Formula XL Product Details

The actual ingredients contained in Male Formula XL can only be guessed at given the fact that there is no information available. Knowing how it is supposed to work and the effect it has on the male sexual performance, the formula likely contains some amino acids called Prosexual Nutrients that enable more blood to flow through the veins to the penile chambers. This is the process that helps support a powerful and firm erection and increases sexual endurance. Another ingredient commonly used in this type of product is Caltrops, a natural substance that is linked to healthy levels of male sex hormones, vital to a number of different aspects of male health.

The supplement is either taken on a daily basis for a cumulative effect, or just prior to sexual activity.

Advantages of Male Formula XL

  • Male Formula XL is sold by independent retailers.
  • There is a risk free trial.
  • The product may improve levels of sex hormones.

Disadvantages of Male Formula XL

  • The manufacturer of Male Formula XL is not known.
  • The cost is not listed.
  • The Male Formula XL ingredients are not listed.
  • No clinical testing is shown.
  • There is no official website for the brand.

Male Formula XL The Bottom Line

There is no way that this product can be recommended to consumers hoping to improve their sexual energy and overall activity. With so many competing products on the market, the chance of any consumer opting for Male Formula XL without knowing more about it is very unlikely. And while it is appreciated that a risk free trial is offered, it is unclear how to order this without seeing official information. Consumers would be advised to seek a more well-known brand.

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