Libidon Review - How Effective Is Libidon?

Posted on: May 21, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Libidon Overview

Libidon is a supplement that is made for men and is said to improve the quality of their sexual performance in several ways. The primary function of the brand is to help men achieve an erection and keep it hard for a longer period of time. There are a number of reasons as to why someone may need help in this area and while a severe problem may need medical attention, if it is simply temporary or due to illness or stress, a natural supplement may help to a certain extent. Unfortunately there is very little evidence to show that Libidon is a reputable brand and there are no clinical test trial results to show that is t can indeed create a ‘rock hard erection’ as is claimed on the product information provided.

There does not appear to be an official Libidon website but the product is sold through several online retailers who provide some limited details. Libidon is more expensive than many comparable brands at a cost of $59.95 for 60 capsules which will last one month when taken at the recommended dose of 2 per day.

Libidon Product Details


The only facts known about Libidon’s formula is that it relies mainly on the addition of Elk Velvet Antler as a way to support the erection quality. This ingredient has been used for centuries due to its believed ‘aphrodisiacal’ effects although nothing is shown to support this in terms of modern usage. As well as the effect Libidon has on the erection, other nutrients in the blend are said to increase the availability of essential male hormones in the body which can support levels of energy and sexual virility. It is likely that all the ingredients in Libidon are natural and that they have no serious side effects although any user with cardiovascular conditions would be advised to consult with a doctor before taking.

Advantages of Libidon

  • Key ingredients are listed
  • Libidon is available from independent online retailers
  • The ingredients are said to be high quality

Disadvantages of Libidon

  • Libidon is expensive
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • Not all ingredients are listed
  • Manufacturer information is not provided
  • There are no customer testimonials

Libidon The Bottom Line

There are too many negative aspects associated with Libidon to be able to fully recommend it as a viable male performance brand. Not only are not all the ingredients known, but the manufacturer, National Bio-Performance, does not provide an informative website for their product. Without seeing proper clinical test results or being offered a money back guarantee, Libidon is simply too expensive for most consumers to feel comfortable about purchasing.

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