Enlargo Review - How Effective Is Enlargo?

Posted on: March 14, 2013
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Joshua Jerry

Enlargo Overview

Enlargo Cream is a topical product that is an alternative to oral male sexual support treatments. It is available through the Enlargo Cream official website at a cost of $12.94 per unit. The site is reasonably informative and includes several customer testimonials, FAQ’s and sections regarding how the product works. It is said to be ‘seen on TV’ and the manufacturer seems to be established although they do not provide any contact address, just an email form.

Enlargo Cream claims to produce results within one month with optimal results being seen in three months (there is a month by month guide to what consumers can expect). There is no clinical data shown for any scientific testing but the manufacturer does state that it produces faster results than oral capsules.

Enlargo Product Details


The ingredients contained in Enlargo Cream are all listed on the website but are not explained in any detail. The formula consists of Sebase, Glycerine, Euxyl K400, Methyl Salicylate and Capsicum which are likely to produce some sort of stimulating effect. Overall, the purpose of Enlargo Cream is to increase and support a healthy flow of blood to the penile chambers, making them engorged and producing a firmer erection. It is also said that the cream uses herbal aphrodisiac compounds which implies that the libido will be improved but it is not known exactly what the compounds are.

There should be no harmful side effects caused by using Enlargo Cream, although some users may be sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients used.

Advantages of Enlargo

  • Active ingredients are listed
  • Enlargo Cream is affordable
  • Customer testimonials are shown
  • The ordering process is secure
  • A month to month result guide is shown

Disadvantages of Enlargo

  • No clinical research is shown
  • Enlargo Cream is only available online
  • Ingredients are not explained
  • No free sample is provided

Enlargo The Bottom Line

Enlargo Cream may be a good alternative to oral capsules if the consumer has an aversion to that type of treatment. Unfortunately the fact that ingredients are not explained is a problem as it is not known which are actually responsible for the erection supporting effects. However, the price of Enlargo Cream is very affordable, so most consumers would be able to try the product for themselves with very little financial risk.

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