Dapovar Review - How Effective Is Dapovar?

Posted on: April 10, 2012
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Dapovar Overview

The Dapovar product is a Dutch brand of natural male sexual performance supplement. The product is available only from the official website which is very informative and presented in a professional, medical-looking manner. The website claims that the brand is a best seller in Europe and describes it as a ‘revolutionary Duration Performance Enhancer’. They provide a lot of details regarding how the product works by having an effect on the receptors in the brain, even supplying diagrams to explain further. Additionally, there are several customer testimonials and a brief but informative FAQ section.

Dapovar can be ordered from the manufacturer and a 60-day money back guarantee is provided on all orders. The regular cost of Dapovar is $69.95, but it appears to always be available at the discount cost of $29.95 for a one month supply. Even deeper discounts are offered on purchases of multiple bottles.

Dapovar Product Details


According to the ingredients listed for Dapovar, its main effect is to increase the amount of Serotonin in the brain which in turn helps to ‘desensitize’ feeling during sexual performance, not enough to ruin the pleasure, but enough to help prevent the danger of climaxing too soon. Used in the formula are Graffonia Seed extract, Folic Acid, B-complex vitamins, Passiflora, Kava Kava and vitamin B6. The majority of these seem to help relieve restlessness while the B-complex is claimed to help support the production of sperm.

While many of these ingredients have performed well in independent tests, there are no clinical test results shown for Dapovar. When taken at a dose of 1-2 capsules per day, the formula should show results in 4-6 weeks and the dosage can be reduced over time to maintain performance.

Advantages of Dapovar

  • The key ingredients are explained.
  • The Dapovar website is well-presented.
  • There is a money back guarantee.
  • Discount prices are offered.
  • Customer testimonials are shown.

Disadvantages of Dapovar

  • The regular cost of Dapovar is expensive.
  • No scientific testing is cited.
  • Dapovar is only available online.

Dapovar The Bottom Line

For the problem and relief of climax control, Dapovar appears to be one of the more reputable brands on the market. It should certainly not be used as a cure for any form of severe health problems and it is also advisable for most men to verify first with their doctor before taking this type of treatment. While it is disappointing that proof of results are not shown, it is beneficial that the manufacturer offers a good guarantee for their product.

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