Climaxagen Review - How Effective Is Climaxagen?

Posted on: April 10, 2012
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Joshua Jerry

Climaxagen Overview

The brand Climaxagen is designed to help male sexual performance in two main ways: by enhancing the potency and quality of the erection and also by helping the man delay and control their orgasm. The brand is presented on a very professional and informative website which explains both the Climaxagen capsules and cream in detail. There are a number of customer testimonials provided, a very detailed FAQ section and full ordering information. The ordering process is completely secure and shipping is discreet. As with most products of this nature, it is more economical to purchase more than one package at a time. However, a one month supply (60 capsules) of Climaxagen capsules costs $69.95, making it more expensive than many male sexual supplements.

Climaxagen Product Details


The basic function of Climaxagen oral capsules is explained on the website and the key active ingredients are listed and described in detail. The Climaxagen formula is said to help improve the flow of blood in the body, by relaxing the blood vessels, allowing a greater volume to enter the penile chambers upon sexual arousal. This is achieved mainly through the use of Prosexual Nutrient amino acids and Rowdy Weed concentrate, a substance that naturally inhibits PDE-5, a compound that can inhibit erectile function. Also contained in the formula is Passiflora Incarnate, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, and used here to enhance sexual desire.

Climaxagen cream can be used whenever required but the capsules should be taken daily in order to build up in the system. Most men should experience good results from the Climaxagen capsules within 2-4 weeks of use, and no harmful side effects should be experienced.

Advantages of Climaxagen

  • There is a cream and capsule formula.
  • Climaxagen is presented in a professional way.
  • Key ingredients are listed.
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Ordering online is secure.
  • Customer testimonials are provided.

Disadvantages of Climaxagen

  • Climaxagen is expensive.
  • Not all ingredients are listed.
  • No scientific studies are provided.
  • Climaxagen is only available online.

Climaxagen The Bottom Line

Climaxagen is a good, reputable product that helps male sexual performance in a number of ways, if both the cream and capsules are used. However, it is more expensive than many comparable products although unlike some, it is guaranteed and manufactured by an established manufacturer who provides all contact details and good customer service.

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