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Blue Zeus Overview

Blue Zeus is a brand of male performance product that is manufactured in the U.K by a company called Perform Wellbeing. The product is available in retail stores but can also be ordered online. The ordering process is secure and shipping is discreet and all contact information for the manufacturer is given. There are no free samples offered however, and no mention is made of any form of money back guarantee either. The company who make Blue Zeus also make a product for females and both are available in liquid or capsule form, making them suitable for most consumers.

Blue Zeus is sold in several different package sizes, the smallest being a pack of two capsules for a cost of $5.00.

Blue Zeus Product Details

Blue Zeus

Although all ingredients are listed for Blue Zeus, unfortunately they are not explained in any detail at all. Both products, the liquid and capsules contain mostly the same ingredients which are a blend of natural substances normally used in these types of products. The key ingredients are Prosexual Nutrients which are vital to allowing a greater blood flow going to the penile chambers. This in turn creates a firmer and longer lasting erection, while the addition of Caffeine, Guarana, Ginseng and Maca help support energy levels and stamina. The one ingredient not contained in the formula is Caltrops which is said to promote healthy hormonal levels, also essential to overall male endurance and sexual stamina. The liquid formula also has flavoring added in a Sweet Berry taste.

Blue Zeus is designed to only be taken before sexual activity – the liquid takes effect faster than the capsules, working in just 30 minutes as compared to 60 minutes for the capsules.

Advantages of Blue Zeus

  • The product is available in two forms.
  • Blue Zeus can be bought in retail stores.
  • All ingredients are listed.
  • Manufacturer contact details are provided.
  • The liquid is fast acting.

Disadvantages of Blue Zeus

  • Ingredients are not explained.
  • No money back guarantees are provided.
  • Free samples are not offered.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • The product requires shipping from the U.K..

Blue Zeus The Bottom Line

This type of product, that is only taken when required and not on a daily basis may be more suitable for men who either suffer from occasional sexual difficulty or simply want to enhance their existing sexual activity. For those with more severe problems, it is likely not potent enough, although this is hard to judge as no ingredient amounts are disclosed.

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